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Cat Bars are Fun

Nothing is better than a relaxing winter afternoon in a cat bar of Shibuya. There are several cat bars in Tokyo but when you familiarize with a particular cat is difficult to change. For 5 euros, you can caress them for 30 minutes, including a cup of tea. But don’t forget the rules: wash your hands before, don’t  force them to came to you and don’t lift them!

The cats are treated like celebrities by the staff and each one’s story is written in a diary. For few euro more it is possible to buy some special croquette that immediately will make all the cats super-friendly. This is a good secret to approach them if you are too shy.


  1. Claudia

    and how do you feel afterwards?

  2. Mallvina

    what? 😀 do they have also dog bars? should be much more fun…

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